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Quinn stared out of the window, tapping the blunt end of the pen against her bottom lip. The last time she'd done something like this, she'd been trying to pass herself off as a mortal. Now, she realised she couldn't put this off any more.

She had found the pen and inkwell stashed away in the china pantry. Normally, that would seem an odd place, but from what she understood, that had acted as a dispensary when the house was used as a field hospital. Though the ink had turned to mostly sludge, a good douse of water and a hearty shake had brought it back to life. She had also found some paper in a nearby drawer.

Of course, she could always use her laptop. There were programmes designed for just such a document, but this was too important to put down in cold, heartless, ten point Arial. She sighed and began writing.

Last Will & Testament

I, Freyja Dagursdøttir, being of sound mind and body do hearby bequeath the following items in my possession this Ninth Day of May in the Year 2009.

To Cassandra, I leave the three horses I have on my estate in France. I have nothing on their dams and sires, but I'm sure you can find good homes for them.

To Titus Quintus Ferris, I leave my gold crested ring. The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen. You have served Us well, Our Champion, and We honour that by giving you the first thing We were given Our King, Arthur Pendragon.

To Natalie Ann Bruenner, I leave all my material wealth. I am sure you had no idea I was worth so much. The account is held in a Flourentine bank with the same measure of privacy you'd expect from the Swiss. Think of this as seed money. This is to get you through your next two thousand years. And lass? Mind you don't spend it all in one place. I am also leaving Bragloré and Brutæ to you. Care for them both as I have, and they will protect you as they have me.

To Methos, I leave my undying regret. I damaged our friendship beyond repair, and for that, I don't think apologies are enough. I am also leaving you my estate in France and the house on Orkney. Rennovate them. Sell them. Do with them as you wish. I want you to have my memories.

Last Wishes

In the event of my death, I wish to be cremated in keeping with the traditions long held by the Nordic people of Scandinavia. I also ask that my ashes be scattered in/around Osafjord, Norway. Though I have not journeyed back to my homeland in life, I find it fitting I return there in death.

This concludes my Last Will & Testament

Freyja Dagursdøttir

She stared down at the two sheets of paper, honestly thinking there would be more to her two thousand years than just that. Then again, it seemed fitting. After all, there wasn't much she could call her own since she preferred to keep memories rather than things.

After cleaning up the pen and paper towel she had used as a blotter, she then went down to the barn. A good dose of honest, hard labour was probably exactly what she needed after her fight with Methos.

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Highlander OC
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