23 Jan 2009

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Muse Name: Quinnleigh Kincaid
Muse LJ: [livejournal.com profile] broadsword_babe
Fandom: Highlander/Immortals

Age & Location: 2,000± 30-ish & NYC
Occupation: Antiquities Appraisal (specifically Medieval weapons & armour)
Relationship status: Currently living with [livejournal.com profile] iris_angel
Family: None
Interests/Hobbies: Cooking, sparring
Favourite food: Anything that didn't come out of a box or can.
Favourite movie: Braveheart
Favourite accomplishment: Surviving
Describe yourself in one paragraph: Right. I always hate writing these things. Suppose th'most folks need t'know about me is that I'm a warrior. I have been for most of m'life. Now, that bein' said, I'm older'n I look. Just don't go about askin' unless yer ready t'hear th'truth of it.

Any OOC notes: Quinn's not exactly a very trusting sort. Comes with the territory of people always coming after her head. She's not active in The Game, but that still doesn't stop Headhunters from showing up. So, yeah, it takes her a bit to warm up to people, but don't let that stop you.
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You Are Assertive

You assert yourself whenever it's necessary, but you're always polite and appropriate about it.
You're not a bully, a manipulator, or a nag. You just state what you need quickly and honestly.

You've been assertive for so long that it just comes naturally to you. You're definitely not shy.
People wonder why you get what you want in life. Well, it's because you ask for it!

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The Timestamp Meme:

Give me one of my own stories, and a timestamp sometime in the future after the end of the story, or sometime in the past before the story started, and I'll write you at least a hundred words (or probably more) of what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future.


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