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Birthdate:Nov 21
<tr><td height="20" bgcolor="#cccccc" align="center">Profile</td></tr><tr><td align="left" valign="top" bgcolor="#efefef">Name: Quinnleigh Kincaid

Nicknames: Q, Quinn, Leigh

Appearance: 5'6" 120-130 Reddish/blonde hair, blue eyes, Scandinavian/Viking descent

Portrayed By: Miranda Otto (with other icons of Alison Doody)

Fandom: Highlander/OC

Other: Quinnleigh is quite sociable. If you would like to talk to her regarding role-play or other questions, simply leave a message in her voice mail
</td></tr><tr><td height="20" bgcolor="#cccccc">Watcher Dossier {for Immortal/Watcher Knowledge Only}</td></tr><tr><td align="left" valign="top" bgcolor="#efefef">Name: Freyja Gundersdøttir

Notable Aliases/Timeline:
Freyja Asbjørnsdøttir: Norsewoman, adopted daughter of Gunder Asbjørnson & Sigrùn Bryndísardøttir, early First Century AD

Boudica: Iceni Queen ?? - 62AD

Guinevere Pendragon: wife of King Arthur 495 - 520AD

[alias unknown]: Shaolin student, 530AD - 630AD

Gabrielle Dubois Vicomtesse d'Anjou: French aristocrat 1622 – 1630

Captain Jacqueline Ravenwood: Pirate 1680 - 1720

Quinnleigh Kincaid: Scottish kinswoman 1722 – 1746

Reine DuChamps: French Noblewoman 1760 - 1793

Victoria Wyndham, Lady March: English noblewoman 1793 - 1820

Elsa Dreher: Austrian aristocrat 1820 – 1835

Margaret (Maggie) Rhodes: Field and Hospital Nurse 1860 - 1865

Kate Darcy: American gunfighter, 1865 - 1880

Jacquline Valmont" Parisian socialite & patroness of the arts. Godmother to Charles Erik Destler, 1881 - 1937

Elsa Schneider: Austrian archaeologist, 1937 - 1939

Jacqueline (Jacki) Rhodes: Nurse, NYC, 1957 – 1962

Jacqueline (Jacki) Hamilton (nee Rhodes): Nurse, NYC, wife of Dr. Logan Hamilton, 1962 – 1970

Nickie Charles: New York socialite, 1972 - 1980

Elaine Brown: Cowgirl (cutting) 1980 - 1983

Elaine Jameson (nee Brown): Ranch owner (Cripple Creek, Colorado), wife of Wade Jameson, adopted mother to Scot and Erin, 1983 - 2007

Quinnleigh Kincaid: Scottish historian & antiquities appraiser, 2007 - Present

Date and Place of Birth: Debatable. Probably before 10CE somewhere in Nærøyfjorden, Norway.

Adopted parents: Asbjørn Gundersson & Sigrùn Bryndísardøttir. They named her for the Norse goddess Freyja. Appropriately, Freyja is the goddess of war (ref: Notable Aliases).

Date of First Death: Sometime before 32CE. Exact date unknown.

Circumstances: A rival band of Vikings raided her village. She was raped and her throat slashed.

Human Age: Appears to be between 30 - 35

Nature: Good

Personality: Snarky, bitter, has a deeply ingrained sense of honor. Won't fight unless she's challenged. She is also highly intelligent with an unsurpassed knack for intrigues.

Languages/Accents: Freyja is known to speak a wide variety of languages, and is fluent in most, if not all, Western European languages. Her accent is an amalgam of all the different places she's lived.

Preferred weapon: Broadsword, obviously, but is equally adept with martial weapons, firearms, bows and unarmed combat

Origin: Viking/Norse

Religion: Pagan/Norse

Politics: Freyja is, to date, unaffiliated with any political factions. She is fiercely independent, but has been known to take up causes she believes are just.

First Teacher: Cassandra

Students:[personal profile] jurisimmortalis

Current Occupation: Antiquities appraisal

Current Location:Orkney Islands, Scotland New York City, NY, USA

Current Status: Alive

Lifestyle: Has a definite preference for strong men.

Marital Status: Currently romantically involved with [profile] iris_angel.

Game Status: Inactive/only participates if challenged.

Hobbies: Cooking, writing, equestrian events

Pets: An immortal Scottish Deerhound, Brutae. Named for the assassin of Julius Caesar. It is believed this is her way of saying that all Romans are dogs. She received the animal as a present upon her marriage to Arthur Pendragon.

Training: Freyja has taken it upon herself to learn, if not master, most forms of combat. She is well-versed in many forms of martial arts as well as Western forms of boxing and fencing.

Enemies: Freyja has no sworn enemies, but has a profound hatred of all things Roman. This comes from her years as Boudica when she defended her adopted daughters after they were raped and after she, herself, was flogged.

Known Associates:
[profile] voiceofthewoods: Immortal, alias Cassandra Lennox (Met: between 62 - 490 CE; Circumstances: unknown; Relationship: Teacher/Student)

[personal profile] her_champion: Immortal, alias Det. Lance Arturo (Met: 495; Circumstances: she was the wife of Arthur Pendragon, he was Lancelot, Knight of the Round Table; Relationship: friends)

[profile] ninth_doc: Known only as the Doctor (Met: 1630; Circumstances: helped her escape Richelieu; Relationship: friends)

[profile] immortal_connor: Immortal, Connor MacLeod (Met: April 16, 1746; Circumstances: Crossed paths after the Battle of Culloden; Relationship: Friends)

[profile] lt_wes_janson: Mortal, Wes Jansen (Met: November 23, 2007; Circumstances: Met both Wes & Aidan, [personal profile] aoutlaw321, while having drinks in NYC; Relationship: friends) [deceased]

[personal profile] aoutlaw321: Immortal, Aidan MacLeod Hart-Janson (Met: November 23, 2007: Circumstances: see above; Relationship: Friends) [deceased]

[profile] im_gavin_elliot: Mortal, Gavin Elliot (Met: December 15, 2007; Circumstances: Birthday celebration for [profile] sorta_like_711, Relationship: Best friends)

[profile] sorta_like_711: Mortal, Murphy MacManus (Met: December 15, 2007; Circumstances: Birthday celebration; Relationship: Friends)

[profile] iris_angel: Watcher, Adam Pierson (Met: June 22, 2008, Circumstances: Awards Event, Relationship: friends [rumors of possibly being lovers, confirmed])

[personal profile] jurisimmortalis: Immortal, alias Natalie Bruenner (Met: July 15, 2008, Circumstances: Natalie was brought to Freyja's home by [personal profile] her_champion for training purposes; Relationship: Student/Teacher)

Watcher Notes: Freyja has proven herself a powerful leader time and again. She has assumed the guises of queens and other nobility as well as soldiers. She has supported men such as William Wallace, King Richard III, and Prince Charles Stuart.

While not as bloodthirsty as other Immortals, Freyja is well-versed in martial weapons as well as bladed, projectile and firearms. She is also a fierce opponent in hand-to-hand combat. Most Immortals avoid direct confrontation.

She has a very dry, sarcastic sense of humor. In the colloquial lexicon, she is quite snarky. Freyja can also be exceedingly charming with manners and deportment that could make most nobility appear lacking.

Freyja is almost like a chameleon. She has the ability to blend in perfectly with any culture. She is fluent in over forty languages and knows the minutiae of every local custom. She has also been known to change her appearance such as hair color, and with the advent of contact lenses, eye color as well. She can appear as a completely different person depending on the situation.

Freyja also abjectly refuses to participate in The Game. She regards violence as pointless. With the amount of training she has received, she finds most opponents a waste of time and energy. However, should one challenge her, her motto is "do not start, you will not win."

Michael Gillean
Edited: 11/23/2008
</td></tr><tr><td height="20" bgcolor="#cccccc">Disclaimers/Legal</td></tr><tr><td align="left" valign="top" bgcolor="#efefef">Freyja Asbjørnsdøttir is an Original Character from the Highlander Universe, which is owned by Panzer/Davis Productions. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is strictly coincidental. Creative license has been taken in regards to Freyja's historical aliases. The author does not infer that any said historical and/or fictional figures were Immortals. The author claims no copyright to the Highlander universe nor intends any infraction upon the actresses portraying her. The fictional characters are the property of their respective writers/owners. The author claims no relations nor connections to any actresses chosen to represent Freyja. There is a possibility that some entries could be considered NC-17. Please don't add Freyja if you're under 18.</td></tr><tr><td height="20" bgcolor="#cccccc">Credits</td></tr><tr><td align="justify" valign="top" bgcolor="#efefef">[personal profile] celticdreamz Mun & Graphics
[profile] newsie__nympho Screencaps: Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade
[profile] dj43 @ [profile] dj_capslock: Screencaps: The Perfect Storm
[profile] elanordh Graphics: Eowyn mood theme
</td></tr><tr><td height="20" bgcolor="#cccccc">
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