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When: September, 1875
Where: Near Manitou Springs, Colorado
Alias: Kate Darcy

The fire was warm on her feet as she leaned back against her saddle. The smell of the venison stew filled the small clearing. It wasn't the best meal she'd had in her nineteen centuries, but it wasn't the worst. Someone (a former husband perhaps?) had once remarked that all she needed was a pot and a fire and she could cook just about anything. The memory amused her.

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Quinnleigh Kincaid
Highlander OC
965 Words
In fannish memory of David Carradine. Rest in peace, Grasshopper.
Special thanks to the writer of [ profile] dani_kypros for beta-ing this, even though it's been years since either of us have watched the show.

A Warning

28 Jul 2008 06:12 pm
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When: October, 1871
Where: Arizona Territory, USA
Alias: Kate Darcy

She wasn't what most men expected with her long, red hair and piercing bluish-green eyes and the enormous gray dog that followed her everywhere. Most men never expected a woman who could ride, shoot and fight as well as they could. In these parts, women were expected to make a living on their backs, not on their feet. But she'd earned her keep honestly (most of the time), whether it was tracking, poker, or bringing in the odd outlaw or two.

Kate leaned her chair back against the wall, surveying the saloon from under the brim of her black felt hat. It was close on to midnight and the place was abuzz with activity. Every table had some card game or other going, including hers.

She pulled a worthless Two of Diamonds out of her hand and slid it towards the dealer who, in turn, handed her a Jack of Clubs. She didn't blink in surprise, or even unbend so much as to crack a smile at the Royal Flush she now held. She'd had centuries to perfect her lies, and poker was just another way to practice her skill. Kate had just tossed another couple of coins into the pot when the saloon doors swung open.

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Having been a battlefield hospital nurse during the Civil War, Freyja (then Maggie Rhodes) decides to head West like a lot of people during those years. She never had a set destination in mind, only that she wanted to forget the bloodshed and death of war. Upon reaching the Colorado Territory, she ends up in Manitou Springs. There, she befriends a local tribe of Cheyenne and "goes native" for a few years (3-5), until the Cheyenne are relocated to a reservation.

During her time with the Cheyenne, she makes friends with Falling Water. She reveres him as a mentor, spirit guide and friend. He, in turn, is intrigued by the red-haired, blue-eyed, man-hearted woman. It is unclear whether or not they were lovers. She was given the name "Fire Dancing" after he saw her practicing Thai Chi.

After Falling Water's death from a fatal gunshot wound he received during a skirmish with the local militia, Freyja wanders around the West as a gunfighter and sometime gambler under the alias of Kate Darcy (named for Shakespeare's Kate and Austen's Mr. Darcy). She also acts as a liaison between local governments and various tribes, hoping to smooth over some of the negotiations for the tribes to move to reservations. She quickly becomes disenfranchised with the "benevolent patronage" of the US Government in its pursuit of its "manifest destiny."

In the fourteen years she is "out West," Freyja drifts from the Dakotas to Arizona. It's very likely she crossed paths with some notables as Wild Bill, the Earps, Doc Holliday, Butch & Sundance, as well as Billy Bonney. Whether she formed any friendships with said outlaws/lawmen and/or any other Immortals is open for discussion.

In the spring of 1880, Freyja decides to leave the dry, dusty, lawless West and all its turmoil for a more genteel city: Paris. She often retreats to France whenever she feels the need for culture, art, and pampering. There, she reinvents herself as a wealthy widow and patroness of the arts: Madame Jacqueline Valmont. It is also there that she befriends a young ballerina and a mysterious masked composer.


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