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Author: [profile] spockofvulcan
Fandom: Star Trek OTS
Community: Theatrical Muse
#242 Bearer of Bad News
Notes: The dialog between Spock & Kirk is perfect, and hilarious.

Author: [profile] im_gavin_elliot
Fandom: The Office (US) OC
Community: Theatrical Muse
#242 Bearer of Bad News
Notes: The settings and emotions are so incredibly raw and heart-wrenching.

Author: [profile] a_lone_dove
Fandom: Lord of the Rings (Frodo Baggins)
Community: Theatrical Muse
#130 Loyalty
Notes: Frodo is one of my favorite LotR characters and I love the switch in perspective for this.
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I've always liked the idea of [ profile] ficrecfriday & have watched the community since it started. Although I haven't rec'd anyone, yet, I always enjoy reading the fics that others have written. So, needless to say, Quinn & I are a bit (to use her word) chuffed that two of her fics have been rec'd.

By [ profile] rein_it_in: Changing Lives [Link]
Notes: "This is an older fic, I found it because of a more recent one. Doing the ol' friends of friends page thing and the icon caught my eye, so I read and then clicked on the related tag. Out of this series of stories, this one is my favorite. An immortal woman, and here is the crux of her gift and her love and leave. Again and again. It cuts to the heart of the problem with immortality when those around you are considerably more finite."

By [ profile] lt_wes_janson: Hairapy [Link]
Notes: "This just struck me as one of those true to life moments that we all have sometimes, and was very well done."

For [ profile] rein_it_in:
One thing that I've wanted to try and "realize" is how difficult being Immortal truly is. From what I've read about the Witness Protection Program, having to change lives is a lot like that. What makes it worse is knowing at the beginning that sometime, for whatever reason, that life will have to be left behind.

For [ profile] lt_wes_janson
This is another "changing lives" piece, and the fic [ profile] zippyknowsbest wrote here just struck a chord with Quinn. It's partly about needing to change her appearance, but also how a simple haircut can be therapy, how it almost forces you to let go of the past. Trying to explain that to guys just gets you a *blank stare of fail*.

Thanks to you both for reading & rec'ing! I'm always curious to know how people perceive Quinn & what they think of her.


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