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The Rules:

1) Leave a comment here with a prompt involving any of my muses.
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Other quasi-active/quiet/retired muses are listed here.

2) You can request ANYTHING. Any pairing, any genre, any AU crazy idea you want. I'm serious about this. Whatever muse you want, whatever nagging story you've been dying for me to write, request it!

3) Try to be somewhat specific. Don't tell me "Oh, write anything you want!" because this meme isn't about what I want to write, it's about what you want to read. Details are great or just throw a bunch of random words at me and see what I do.

4) If you feel like satisfying some other peoples' burning fic desires, repost this and spread the love.
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Considering how well m'last fic offer went over, thought I might give this one a try...

If you want to have your muse have some sort of sexual relations with mine, comment here! I'll write a drabble/short fiction makin' it happen!

Edit: Right, so. Since no one seems t'be biting, guess I'll throw this in: this doesn't haveta be your muse or character-specific. If there's a character around, any character (NPC/random fandom/etc) y'want t'have m'mun write about, just comment.

{Other muses can be requested here.}
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The idea shamelessly ganked from here.

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it’s over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

Winter Wonderland ~ Harry Connick, Jr. )

Marble Halls ~ Enya )

I Don't Wanna Fight ~ Tina Turner )

La Isla Bonita ~ Madonna )

Wherever I May Roam ~ Metallica )

Prelude from Partita No. 3 ~ Johann Sebastian Bach )

When You Wish Upon A Star ~ Glenn Miller )

We Will Rock You ~ Queen )

Please Send Me Someone To Love ~ Sade )

Standing Outside the Fire ~ Garth Brooks )
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Originally requested here.

When: circa 700AD
Where: Western Europe, exact location unknown

I stood there breathing heavily, my clothes soaked with sweat as well as a few blood stains. The other Immortal swung his sword easily, not really testing me, but more to get a better grip on the hilt. I glared at him. I couldn't stand him. I hated what he'd done to Cassandra: keeping her a slave for gods know how long! I took a deep breath and lunged for him again, striking out more in anger and frustration than in true skill, and I could tell I still had a lot to learn, which just made me fight even harder.

"You didn't think this would be easy, did you?" Methos chided. "I've been killing people for thousands of years, and just because you're her student doesn't mean I'll have pity on you."

Our blades shrieked and clanged against one another. I refused to give quarter, or admit he was right. All I knew was that someone needed to take him to task, and if that was going to be me, so be it.

"Besides, do you really think she needs someone to fight her battles for her?" he sneered. "An admirable quality, to take up the side of the wronged, but it's all so incredibly naive. All she need do is paint herself a victim and you leap to her defense. You shouldn't let yourself be so easily manipulated."

I ground my teeth and snarled at him. It was exactly the sort of thing Cassandra had warned me against. He knew how to choose his words to make himself appear to have done nothing wrong. What really angered me was that the bastard was right.

Once again, I charged him and we fought in close quarters for several minutes after that, but I was beginning to tire. My sword felt like lead and my shoulders ached and burned from wielding it. I was ready for this fight to be over, one way or another. I was almost relieved when he managed to knock the blade from my hand.

Wearily, I dropped to my knees, knowing he'd never let me live, but he surprised me by showing mercy, something Cassandra claimed he knew nothing about. I stared dumbly at the hand he held, palm up, in front of my face. I looked up at him in confusion.

"I may have won the battle," he said with a wry smirk, "but I won't take your head."

Without a word, I took his hand and he helped me to my feet. When I looked into his eyes, something passed between us. It had nothing to do with fear, hatred or anger, but it was something much more dangerous. Something I didn't want to admit I felt. I was actually beginning to like the blighter, damn him.
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Requested here

July, 2004
Cripple Creek, Colorado

Brutæ had been acting antsy for days, and that was never a good sign. It usually meant there was an Immortal holed up somewhere near the ranch. Just terrific. With Brutæ and Bragloré in tow, I saddled up and headed out. It was my turn to ride fence anyway.

It was nearing lunchtime when I felt that I was getting closer to the other Immortal. From the buzz at the base of my skull, he felt positively ancient. I frowned, definitely not a good sign. There was a pretty decent-sized creek ahead where I had planned to stop for lunch, but Brutæ's low growl said that was probably where the other Immortal had set up camp.

As I approached the creek, I could hear the water burbling over the rocks and the distinctive whirr and snap of a fly rod. I shook my head in confusion. An ages-old Immortal had decided to go fly fishing on my ranch? The hell?

I nudged Snowdancer into a slow walk and emerged from the trees just downstream from the Immortal angler. He was dressed to keep Bass Pro Shops in business single-handedly: chest-high waders, vest with enough lures on it to catch anything short of the Lock Ness Monster, khaki hat, and denim shirt. By the reflections of the sunlight on the water, I could see his scarred right eye. There was only one Immortal who was older than dirt and had a scar like that: Kronos.

It wasn't like Kronos and I were the best of friends. After all, he and three of his buddies had been The Four Horsemen written about in Revelations. And then there was the fact that Methos had once enslaved my First Teacher. Methos and I had run into each other a few times over the centuries, and he wasn't entirely a bad sort. All that being said, I supposed I could be at least passably civil.

I watched as he zipped the line back and forth over the water with ease. It definitely went against my preconceived notions about him. It wasn't long before a fish took the bait, but apparently Kronos wasn't prepared for the rather feisty fish. For long moments, the pair fought, Kronos swearing rather colorfully and fluently, trying to backpedal his way upstream. At least until his foot slid on an algae covered rock just as the line broke. Next thing he knew, he went over backwards with a tremendous splash, his waders almost immediately filling with water and dragging him down. I couldn't help laughing as I watched him flail against the rushing water. Good thing he was Immortal and couldn't drown.

Realizing the guy wasn't going to get out of the water himself, I unlooped the rope attached to my saddle. Lucky for him, I actually knew how to throw a lasso. I twirled the rope overhead a few times before letting fly. It landed just upstream and Kronos made a mad grab for it.

"Hang on!" I called to him.

"No shit!" he hollered back.

I looped the rope around the pommel of the saddle a couple of times before nudging Snowdancer to back up. The mustang strained a bit against the weight of the man and his water-filled waders.

"C'mon, girl. That's it. Back up. Keep going." I clicked my cheek a few times, encouragingly.

Before long, Kronos had finally made it to shore where he flopped down to try and empty the waders. Again, I couldn't help snickering at the rather comical situation.

"Think this is funny?" he groused.

"Actually, yeah," I laughed. "Some Horseman you are."

Kronos blinked. "You know the guys?"

"I've met Methos a few times over the years," I replied, still chuckling. "Between him and having Cass as a First Teacher, I've heard quite a few stories."

"Oh, yeah? And how are they these days?"

"No idea," I said honestly. "Been awhile since I've talked to Methos. I think he goes by Adam somebody-or-other now. As for Cass, last I heard she was doing something with horses in Kentucky."

Alright, so the Kentucky bit was a fib, but it wouldn't do to have one of the Horsemen paying her an unannounced visit to New Zealand.

"Right, well, I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell Methos about this," Kronos replied, almost embarrassed.

"Sure, on one condition," I answered. "Well, two, actually."

"Oh, yeah?" he growled. "What conditions?"

"First, I get to keep my head right where it is, and you owe me one," I said, trying not to sound like I was teasing. "And second, next time you want to go fly fishing on my property, ask first."
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Stolen from [ profile] a_deaths_head & [ profile] rude_not_ginger.

In hopes of bringing Quinn out of hiding, I thought maybe a "Request a Drabble" was in order.

How It Works:
Comment with your muse's name, a word and a rating (G, PG, R, etc). [Ex: Meg, ballet, G]
I will write a drabble/ficlet involving your muse & Quinn.
If you're up to it, post this in your muse's LJ so you can return the favor.


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