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When: September, 1875
Where: Near Manitou Springs, Colorado
Alias: Kate Darcy

The fire was warm on her feet as she leaned back against her saddle. The smell of the venison stew filled the small clearing. It wasn't the best meal she'd had in her nineteen centuries, but it wasn't the worst. Someone (a former husband perhaps?) had once remarked that all she needed was a pot and a fire and she could cook just about anything. The memory amused her.

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Quinnleigh Kincaid
Highlander OC
965 Words
In fannish memory of David Carradine. Rest in peace, Grasshopper.
Special thanks to the writer of [ profile] dani_kypros for beta-ing this, even though it's been years since either of us have watched the show.
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Make up a title for a story I didn't write, and I will respond with details of those non-written stories. You may if you like include details, such as pairings or fandom or whatnot.
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1. Put your iTunes on shuffle and list the first 25 songs
2. Link to the song lyrics
3. Post the songs for others to give you prompts based on the song of their choice.

**A general mood will be taken into consideration if given. Please specify if you'd like to see your muse in the drabble or not or a specific scene. Ideas including other muses will be considered with the other writer's permission.**

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Yes, I know I still have some outstanding "choose your adventure" fics to write, and they're in the works, but I need more input. So, here's your chance to request anything you want:

* Plots
* RP
* Crack/Fluff
* Angst
* Pairing(s)
* Historical
* Future!verse
* What-Ifs

So, yeah, lay it on me.

This post has been brought to you by the letters "O," "O," and "C."
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The Timestamp Meme:

Give me one of my own stories, and a timestamp sometime in the future after the end of the story, or sometime in the past before the story started, and I'll write you at least a hundred words (or probably more) of what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future.
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Every once in awhile, an EFoD takes over my brainspace. This time it stems from watching the last two episodes of Highlander involving an AU where Duncan never existed. Needless to say, Quinn got a bit cranky with Methos about him and Kronos getting back together. So, yeah, I've had this fic!idea going through my head for the past few weeks or so.

Seeing as it's AU, and canon!AUs are made of so much win, my EFoD is non-binding on any Methos, Kronos or Cassandra muses. And since it's an AU, I'm posting the fic at [ profile] celticmuses rather than Quinn's regular LJ as to keep any brains from going *splodey* (mine included). Also, keep in mind that there will be all kinds of triggery mind-f*ckery going on: slavery, BDSM, etc. So, very much NSFW. Posts will be flocked to the masses because that's just how I roll. Not everyone needs to know this stuff.

Which brings me to another point: Quinn isn't Quinn. Yes, she's the same woman, but she never met Wade, got married & adopted his kids. She also never moved to Orkney & assumed the alias of Quinnleigh Kincaid. Suffice it to say with everything happening in that AU (Watchers/Hunters/etc) she's a completely different person.

So, without further ado, I present Teh Epic Fic of Doom™: Chapter 1.

A Warning

28 Jul 2008 06:12 pm
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When: October, 1871
Where: Arizona Territory, USA
Alias: Kate Darcy

She wasn't what most men expected with her long, red hair and piercing bluish-green eyes and the enormous gray dog that followed her everywhere. Most men never expected a woman who could ride, shoot and fight as well as they could. In these parts, women were expected to make a living on their backs, not on their feet. But she'd earned her keep honestly (most of the time), whether it was tracking, poker, or bringing in the odd outlaw or two.

Kate leaned her chair back against the wall, surveying the saloon from under the brim of her black felt hat. It was close on to midnight and the place was abuzz with activity. Every table had some card game or other going, including hers.

She pulled a worthless Two of Diamonds out of her hand and slid it towards the dealer who, in turn, handed her a Jack of Clubs. She didn't blink in surprise, or even unbend so much as to crack a smile at the Royal Flush she now held. She'd had centuries to perfect her lies, and poker was just another way to practice her skill. Kate had just tossed another couple of coins into the pot when the saloon doors swung open.

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{Set the morning after Bedtime!Quinn}

Quinn was a morning person. Always had been and probably always would be, and there was just some part of her brain that wouldn't let her sleep past six o'clock no matter how late she'd been up the night before.

She dressed quickly in her usual jogging things: t-shirt, football shorts, trainers, and started her morning run. She wanted to get a good mile under her before Adam woke up. It wasn't that she was running from him, it was just that last night had given her a lot to think about, and running always helped her think through things. She'd always known that there was a certain chemistry between them, but because of Cassandra and her respect for her First Teacher, Quinn had never let things go any farther than friends.

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Give me some lyrics (the title, and/or vid link would be great!) and I will write for you something about your muse and Quinn. You're welcome to request a rating (G, PG, NC-17, etc) if you'd like.

And ALTERNATIVELY for ... people who don't or who have not RP'ed with me or my Quinn, pick some lyrics, and I shall respond with a few paragraphs...or something.


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