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Everyone's got music that reduces them to a twitching, muttering hulk. What sets off your character? Is it a whole genre, or maybe just a particular artist? Or is there a specific song that makes them sit bolt upright in the car seat and flail at the radio dial?

T'be honest, I'll listen t'damn near anything. Now, before I go stickin' m'foot in m'mouth, lemme just say, I'm sure she's a perfectly nice lass and all, but God Almighty! One, I can't understand a blessed word that comes outta her mouth, and two, she really needs t'get her head on straight.

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Right, so. My scribe was looking through "vampire music" of all things on iTunes *glares in jest @ [ profile] hunts4blood & [ profile] salt_and_silver* and came across a band called "Kronos Quartet." Course, we both boggled. First thing that came t'my mind was that I didn't think the bloke could sing. Methos, on the other hand...

Anyway, turns out they're not a band at all, but a chamber quartet. Interesting, that.

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Not exactly funny, but certainly cute:

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Your turn. What do you think her song should be?
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This bloke an' I have about th'same respect for Rome. *laughs*

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12 Feb 2008 07:04 pm
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I don't know whether to laugh of be offended, but that chef chap had the right idea.

Apparently someone somewhere was misinformed that Vikings were nothing more than marauding singing swine. ¬.¬


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