21 Apr 2009 05:44 pm
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I've been toying around with the idea of giving Quinn her own Twitter account, but I haven't really decided yet. To be honest, I'm not sure who exactly would be interested in following her. Not to mention, I'm not sure what she'd tweet about to begin with. I do have my own Twitter account @celticdreamz, if anyone's interested in following it.
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I'll be using the next few weeks to further explore some of Quinn's historical background. So, if there's a particular era you'd like to see her in, now's your chance to speak up. Looking over her timeline (in both the tags and user info), I haven't done much with the Middle Ages up to the Renaissance. All she's told me about those is that she was married to a blacksmith at one point and spent most of the Inquisition as a nun. So, I'm definitely open to thoughts/ideas/suggestions. RP is also shiny.
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Until this morning, I was not aware that YouTube videos sometimes contained LJ Toys. In the past, I've uploaded a few videos here and there without even knowing how to check for toys. I've even uploaded some videos, but never embedded anything that would track any IPs. That being said, I do have one toy that plots locations (see sidebar), but it DOES NOT reveal individual IP addresses, only the location and time that someone clicked onto Quinn's (and Meg's) LJ. The only time I ever see IPs is on anonymous comments.

I'm a pretty open mun. I don't care that people know where I am or which muses are mine. It isn't much of an easter egg hunt to figure out who I am. Still, I do respect other muns who prefer to remain anonymous. From now on, I will post video links instead of embedding the full video. This is partly to cut down on the "toy" issue and it's also to save flists.

Now, all of this came about due to (yet another) Tammy kerfluffle. I'm not saying they were bugged on purpose. I couldn't tell they were bugged at all, but I'm also not the most tech-savvy of people, either. Granted, I try and give folks the benefit of the doubt, but it just seems a bit hinky to me that apparently all six vids (all from different makers) had been bugged. This is all second-hand knowledge, of course. I'm not saying it was intentional and I'm not all sure it wasn't. It's just strange that every go-round seems to have some kind of wank.

[Edit]: Alright, so it looks like YouTube is the culprit. They're the ones responsible for IP logging for reasons such as marketing strategies, traffic flow, etc. Still, I guess it'd be the considerate thing for YouTube to put in big block letters somewhere that IP addresses are logged for various reasons. Guess the Internet isn't as conducive to anonymity as people hoped.

[Edit v2]: So, it's actually LJ that does the tracking. Again, not that I mind as far as I'm concerned, but I know other muns would rather remain anon. Now for the inevitable questions: Why does LJ track & how did people find out?


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