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For those who may (or may not) know, I started my own rp community: [ profile] rp_anything. The premise is pretty simple. There are no aps, no word limits, no style issues, etc. I just want it to be a community where players don't have to hear "no, you can't do that" or "you can only write a certain way." There is no set setting, time or anything like that. So, characters are free to come and go as they please. Also, from time to time, plot!bombs will be dropped just to shake things up. That being said, the first (of hopefully many) bomb has been dropped.

When Zombies Attack!!
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Seeing as it's Saturday, and there's nothing on TV at all (at least not since *^#$*%^@% Comcast moved the History Channel over to digital). Anyway, I ended up flipping channels and got sucked into Sister Act. So, as I'm sitting at the kitchen table, eating my lunch, it hits me. Sister Mary Roberts looks a lot like Quinn! Granted, Quinn's not nearly that timid and shy, but still. And, yes, there is a nun!post forthcoming. Which is what makes things that much funnier.

*is easily amused*

And now I have this stuck in my head.
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There's a Highlander marathon on the SciFi Channel all day Thursday.
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Every once in awhile, an EFoD takes over my brainspace. This time it stems from watching the last two episodes of Highlander involving an AU where Duncan never existed. Needless to say, Quinn got a bit cranky with Methos about him and Kronos getting back together. So, yeah, I've had this fic!idea going through my head for the past few weeks or so.

Seeing as it's AU, and canon!AUs are made of so much win, my EFoD is non-binding on any Methos, Kronos or Cassandra muses. And since it's an AU, I'm posting the fic at [ profile] celticmuses rather than Quinn's regular LJ as to keep any brains from going *splodey* (mine included). Also, keep in mind that there will be all kinds of triggery mind-f*ckery going on: slavery, BDSM, etc. So, very much NSFW. Posts will be flocked to the masses because that's just how I roll. Not everyone needs to know this stuff.

Which brings me to another point: Quinn isn't Quinn. Yes, she's the same woman, but she never met Wade, got married & adopted his kids. She also never moved to Orkney & assumed the alias of Quinnleigh Kincaid. Suffice it to say with everything happening in that AU (Watchers/Hunters/etc) she's a completely different person.

So, without further ado, I present Teh Epic Fic of Doom™: Chapter 1.
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No big deal, just went through & cleaned out Quinn's flist. Basically, I was seeing a bunch of the same stuff twice & I wanted to keep her flist muse-oriented. So, out went the comms for screencaps, icons, layouts, etc. As for other LJs, if they were removed it was for one of a two reasons: a) the LJ was never updated, b) Quinn never RPed with that muse anywhere.
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For those who are tired of hearing about the upcoming American Presidential Elections, I offer you ... this )
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Yep, Miranda's back as Quinn's PB. *offers self up as future target practice should she get the bright idea to change again*

Various Notes:
  • Wes & Aidan's deaths are AU
  • Erin's is forthcoming, but in different form than a RL event
  • She doesn't know about her Watcher also is a Hunter
  • Lance hasn't reappeared, yet
  • The "old Quinn" stuff still stays (filtered for those who need it)
With the switch to Diane, I was hoping to bring out Quinn's softer side, but it doesn't look like she has a softer side. At least not at this point. She still hates that she's Immortal when all it means is loneliness and a never ending stream of headhunters. So, yeah, beware the snark/angst.

PB Debate

7 Apr 2008 12:46 pm
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I know, I know. You're probably thinking "just pick someone already!!" Well, I thought I had, except I'm having a really hard time finding icon fodder for Diane. Trust me. I've looked at [ profile] hollow_art (zipola), Google (some luck), [ profile] hires_hotties (more luck), but no one really has a good collection of pics for her. So, here's the deal. I'm posting a poll with the 4 contenders for Quinn: Uma Thurman, Connie Nielsen, Miranda Otto & Diane Lane. There's also a blank box for you to comment with your own ideas.

The Whys & Why-Nots )

The Poll:

[Poll #1167253]


26 Mar 2008 09:03 pm
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Alright, boys & girls. I think Quinn & I have finally compromised on a PB: Diane Lane. It's been a struggle trying to find pictures for icons & such, but Diane is pretty well close to how I had envisioned Quinn in the beginning. With Diane, I've found Quinn's sense of humor, and a definite sassy and brassy side. She's not quite as angsty and angry as she had been. There's also every possibility of more fluff-type posts. Of course, this is all an experiment to breathe life into an original character.
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With [ profile] never_a_game opening up, I will be essentially starting fresh with Quinn. Everything as far as Hunters, Watchers, Erin's death & the like is now considered AU. This also includes interactions with her headmate, [ profile] her_champion, but I will get into Lance's stuff more @ his LJ.

As for Quinn, I am going back to my original premise for her: an archaeologist with a past. She moved to Orkney to study the ruins of Skara Brae with the thought of perhaps writing a bit of historical fiction based on the site. As an Immortal, she chose Orkney because it's relatively remote. It's at least an hour by ferry from the nearest port, which is an effort to keep most of the headhunters at bay.

This is the side of Quinn that most see when she's interacting with [ profile] im_gavin_elliot & [ profile] sorta_like_711. She's cheeky, bawdy, and just "one of the blokes." She drinks, she swears, and she talks with a Scottish accent. Of course that's her mortal/public persona. Her Immortal persona is what folks have seen out of her so far: bitter, snarky, angry with her lot in life. This is who she is in private, or around folks who have known her for awhile.

Quinn tries to keep her Immortal life from spilling over into her mortal persona. She explains to people that her collection of antique/ancient weapons is only a hobby when it's really a necessity. She lives rather modestly, even though she could probably buy half of Manhattan in one go. She primarily thinks of Scotland as home when her true heritage, such as it is for an Immortal, is Norwegian/Norse. Her house on Orkney is where she hangs her hat sword, but she also has an estate just outside of Paris.

She has yet to revisit the site of her first death in Norway. It isn't something she's planning on doing in the near future, either. Although she still practices some of the old ways (ref: Yule), Quinn believes that part of her life died in that marauders' raid. Privately, she is still anti-Roman, something that's kinda hard to explain except that when you dislike something for so long, it's difficult to let go of that grudge.

I have also dropped two aliases from Quinn's background: Joan of Arc & Ellen "The Lady." She never was one to talk about Joan & I felt there was too much historical "borrowing." As for Ellen (ref: The Quick & The Dead) the storyline just didn't work for an Immortal. She was probably still an outlaw for a time, but details are hazy. Other original historically-set characters will join her list of aliases as time goes on, but for now that's pretty well it.

For those who don't know, there has been a Great PB Debate™ going on between Quinn & I. When I first started writing her, one of the women I thought really fit her was Connie Nielsen. With the Watcher/Hunter phenomenon relegated to AU, Quinn's warrior personality no longer really fits. I always envisioned her as the "iron fist, velvet glove" type, and Miranda Otto was just too much iron fist & not enough velvet glove for Quinn.

With all that being said, I'll be making all the previous AU-ish posts open to a few who might need to refer back to them. If you want to be on that list, just comment & let me know.
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Alright, boys & girls, time for the dreaded sound off about the drama bombs. This post is only my two cents buck-fifty on the whole issue and is not meant to stir the pot. That pot's already done boiled over.

First, yes I am very well aware of a certain entry that was posted to [ profile] bad_rpers_suck. Personally, I think it was chickenshit to lock it to friends/members only. Yes, I knew there would be some flack about using RL events, but there were reasons beyond having something to angst about. Although Quinn exists only on LJ, I still wanted her to be "real" and as such, she could be just as affected by random events as any one of us in RL. I don't care that I was wank-smacked. All it tells me is that someone is actually reading, and discussing, what I've written, for good or bad. As always, if you don't like it, don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

Second, all this wank serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever. If you're the type who needs to create drama in order to get attention, please contact a mental health provider. This drama only serves to alienate good writers/RPers as well as damage the fandom as a whole. I will continue to be civil, and even gracious, to fellow muns. No one will be removed from Quinn's flist unless a) they are inactive, or b) they have removed her. As always, I take a "no harm, no foul" approach to these situations, just don't expect Quinn or I to grovel or to give into groveling. It. Won't. Happen.

I write Quinn for my own amusement, not to please anyone else. The same goes for her headmate, [ profile] her_champion. Friend them, don't friend them. It's your call. If you want to read them and have a civil debate on certain topics, that's great. Again, no one is holding a gun to your head forcing you to read these entries. All I ask is that in the future, come to me if you have issues. Don't go ranting about it in some chickenshit post.

Note: Comments are wide open: no screening, no anonymity. If you want to discuss something behind the scenes, all the contact info is in Quinn's profile.
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[ profile] 100lyrics is finally ready for muses! The basic concept is a cross between the regular prompt communities (ie: [ profile] realmofthemuse) and the 100 fic/drabble communities (ie: [ profile] fanfic100), with a twist. I've gone through my 13+GIG of music and chosen 100 songs. Muns/muses are welcome to use those songs/lyrics OR they can pic 100 songs of their own. If I'd been smart about it, I would've just had people choose any 100 they want, but meh. So, yeah, join, post & be merry!
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You may notice that I have finally settled on an actress/PB for Quinnleigh/Freyja. Her name is Miranda Otto and you may recognize her as Eowyn of Lord of the Rings fame. I will be keeping some of the other icons as needed, but Miranda will be featured in most of the icons as well as the header.

I have also started tagging entries that have something to do with Wes & Aidan as "Black Monday." Anything that doesn't deal directly with the plot will also be tagged "meta."
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In an effort to help Quinn develop as a character, this post will serve as a kind of toolbox. These websites have different kinds of questionnaires that are different from prompts and will hopefully help Quinn become a better muse.

Errant Dreams
100 Questions
PC Questions

More Highlander/Immortal Geared Questions )
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To the various muns:

Please be patient with me while I get to know Quinn better. Everyone's input and pup interaction has been great! It's really helped me get a feel for her. I know she can be a bit "gutsy" in the case of [ profile] lust_for_battle and maybe a touch too flirty with [ profile] im_gavin_elliot. She's still happy to RP with folks, but I'm going to try and keep that to only a few pups in an effort to work more on her "life."

Keep in mind that Quinn may have been around for nearly two millennia, she's still a "new" character. Although I am familiar with the Highlander/Immortal premise, I'm still learning about all the ins and outs of who's interacted with whom and when. I know it's a much-loved fandom, which is why I wanted to become a part of it to begin with, but I realize now that there's much research to be done, and not just historically speaking. I guess I just kinda jumped in without really looking first.

To that end, I know I'm going to need advice and help to get Quinn going in the right direction. If anyone sees something that needs correcting as far as historical, fictional, and/or canon, or they simply don't want Quinn around (no hard feelings), they're welcome to send me an email at takemeasiam1977(at)aim(dot)com. That's also my IM screenname if you'd rather send a text message. For the most part, I'm hoping to avoid any drama caused by my being an ignorant mun.

Feel free to comment with any suggestions or feedback!

[ profile] takemeasi_am
Quinn's mun


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