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I was going to post this is my mun LJ, but since it ended up being more about Quinn's interactions, I thought I'd just post it here. The list is more in order of interactions than anything. If I leave anyone out, it isn't intentional. Promise!

Name a hand full of people you RP with, read, or have heard of. Say something positive, a reason why you like their characters, or the players. Anything that is constructive, positive, and better than the general: <3!!

[ profile] a_deaths_head(among others):
You're the writer I've RPed with the longest (almost a year now) and even though our Meg & Erik have pretty much gone their separate ways, I still enjoy reading your other muses. No one can write psychotic!crack like you, and you are very much missed in SWS & other comms. Not to mention, it's all your fault [ profile] arrogantrogue showed up!! *laughs*

[ profile] rude_not_ginger & [ profile] ninth_doc:
If it weren't for you two, I never would've known the difference between a Dalak and a Cyberman. *G*

[ profile] lt_wes_janson & [ profile] aoutlaw321:
I know the RP with the boys and Quinn was limited to just one night/post, and we both wish it'd been more.

[ profile] im_gavin_elliot & [ profile] sorta_like_711:
Thanks for being [ profile] broadsword_babe's favourite knockabouts!

Your acceptance of Quinn for who and what she is means a lot to her. You truly are one of the few people she can trust implicitly, which is extremely rare.

I know you & Quinn haven't really interacted much, outside of trying to drink each other under a bar, and you are very much missed.

[ profile] voiceofthewoods:
I probably haven't said this enough, but thanks for offering to be Quinn's First Teacher. I would love to work more on this dynamic, especially given her current choice of beaus. *G*

[ profile] immortal_connor:
Thanks for being a voice of sanity and reason when I start getting oddball ideas for new muses and other wackiness. You've been a great beta-reader & awesome friend.

[ profile] no_bedof_roses:
Thanks for introducing me to the world of muses and reminding me about the terrific fandom that is Highlander.

[ profile] iris_angel:
Last, but definitely not least, Adam. When things go right, they really go right. Even though Quinn & Adam may have had their rough patches in the past, it's great to see that they've been able to work through them and finally get where they needed to be. And it only took 2,000 years. *G*

On a side note, I would love to know who nom'd Quinn & Adam for a Tammy. That deserves so many cookies! Without that nudge, I don't know if Quinn would've changed her mind about him. (Comments are screened. Really.)

Crossposted to [ profile] good_rpers_rock & [ profile] fangirlingthing because I can, I want to & I feel like it :D
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I've always liked the idea of [ profile] ficrecfriday & have watched the community since it started. Although I haven't rec'd anyone, yet, I always enjoy reading the fics that others have written. So, needless to say, Quinn & I are a bit (to use her word) chuffed that two of her fics have been rec'd.

By [ profile] rein_it_in: Changing Lives [Link]
Notes: "This is an older fic, I found it because of a more recent one. Doing the ol' friends of friends page thing and the icon caught my eye, so I read and then clicked on the related tag. Out of this series of stories, this one is my favorite. An immortal woman, and here is the crux of her gift and her love and leave. Again and again. It cuts to the heart of the problem with immortality when those around you are considerably more finite."

By [ profile] lt_wes_janson: Hairapy [Link]
Notes: "This just struck me as one of those true to life moments that we all have sometimes, and was very well done."

For [ profile] rein_it_in:
One thing that I've wanted to try and "realize" is how difficult being Immortal truly is. From what I've read about the Witness Protection Program, having to change lives is a lot like that. What makes it worse is knowing at the beginning that sometime, for whatever reason, that life will have to be left behind.

For [ profile] lt_wes_janson
This is another "changing lives" piece, and the fic [ profile] zippyknowsbest wrote here just struck a chord with Quinn. It's partly about needing to change her appearance, but also how a simple haircut can be therapy, how it almost forces you to let go of the past. Trying to explain that to guys just gets you a *blank stare of fail*.

Thanks to you both for reading & rec'ing! I'm always curious to know how people perceive Quinn & what they think of her.
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To whoever told [ profile] you_rock about this post, you rock as well! Thank you so much! Quinn hasn't been out of my head for a month yet and getting a nod like this is very, very much appreciated. *G*


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