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1) Indoor loo
2) Jetted tub
3) Hot & cold running water
4) Electricity
5) Internet
6) Lifts/Elevators
7) Proper bed (sheets, blankets, pillows)
8) Not having to make m'own clothes (though I can in a pinch)
9) Proper stove/oven
10) Methos Adam Ben *smirk*
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Light slowly creeps back into the world of iron and glass outside your windows. The City That Never Sleeps has started another day. Your bed is warm and comfortable, and you can remember a time when it wasn't always so. You've slept in furs on cold, hard ground. You've slept in castles. You've slept in cottages. In tents. Under the stars. Rickety brass beds. Wagons. Horse-hair mattresses. Space-age foam.

A strong arm wraps around your waist. Lips lightly kiss your bare shoulder. You shift your weight, cuddling your back against him. It wasn't so very long ago that you slept alone. It isn't something you'll admit aloud, but you hate sleeping alone.

Your fingers trace the outline of the muscles in his arm. You can almost hear him smile as he buries his face in your tangled red hair. You never thought either of you would ever be this happy, this content. Your fingers curl through his, bringing him closer. You can't imagine your life without him, and every time you try, tears burn your eyes.

"Penny for your thoughts?" he asks sleepily.

You love his voice, the slight hint of mischief and humor that's almost always present. You remember him when he wasn't always like that. You're glad he's changed.

"Yer on my side of th'bed," you reply.

You're not angry about it, but it's just one of those comfortable arguments that you keep around because it's fun to fight with him. Odd as that may sound, it works.

"You'll live," he answers.

Again, his voice is filled with cheeky mischief, and you get the feeling that this, now, right this moment, this is who he has always been. It's a shame not many have realized that.

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