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In trying to bring Quinn up to speed since July, here's a list of things that have happened in her life.

Adam Drops the L-Bomb... [flocked] (July 13)

...And Offers a Time-Share Idea [flocked] (July 13)

Adam Heads Back to NYC (July 14)

Natalie & Lance Show Up (July 14)

Quinn Talks To Her Watcher (July 14)

Natalie Helps Out (July 15)

Quinn Meets Her Watcher (July 18) (WIP)

Quinn Talks to Cassandra (July 21)

Quinn Tries to Train Natalie (August - October) (WIP/Handwaved)

Quinn Takes Natalie to See Lady Zheng (October 1) (WIP/Handwaved)

Quinn Closes Up The House/Heads to NYC (October 15) (WIP)

Quinn Stops By Snake's Shop (October 31)

Quinn & Adam Go to a Halloween Party (October 31)
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{Now that the answers have been posted over at [ profile] muse_weekly, I'm making them visible here.}

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Muse FAQs

17 Oct 2008 01:43 pm
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I know I did a bit of an FAQ a few months ago, but I really quasi-half-assed it. So, that being said, feel free to ask any questions you want about Quinn: where she's been, where she's going, the works. Nothing is off limits.
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The following Enneagram text was taken from an enneagram workshop book by Dr. Robert L. Avery. Items in bold are especially true.

Type Eight: The Confronter )
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Here are just a few things I've learned about Quinn lately:

~ Sits on countertops rather than chairs
~ Has a serious verbal impulse control issue (her mouth gets the better of her)
~ Actually "gets" Monty Python humour
~ Doesn't believe in fast food, pre-packaged or microwave meals
~ Fidgets when she's nervous
~ Babbles when embarrassed
~ Is very much a morning person
~ Talks in her sleep

Whether or not she's always had these quirks remains to be seen.
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I've been meaning to do this for weeks because things have jumped around so much with Quinn & Adam. So, I thought I'd post a quasi-chronological list of their interactions. This will be updated from time to time as needed.

First Meeting  (mid-700s) [Original Post]

Student!Quinn (circa 1100)

A Chess Match (circa 1740)

Warning Methos (October, 1871)

Leaving Paris (March, 1940)

Tammys: Dress Shopping (June 14, 2008)

Tammys: Announcement About Rome (June 20, 2008)

Tammys: At the Ceremony (June 23, 2008)

Bedtime!Quinn (July 7, 2008)

Morning!Quinn {Part 2, Part 3} (July 8, 2008)

Resistance (July 11, 2008)

Post-Quickening!Quinn {Part 2, Part 3} (July 12, 2008) Note: Flist-locked/NSFW

Morning-After!Quinn (July 13, 2008) Note: Flist-locked/NSFW

... of campfires & kabobs ... (July 13, 2008) Note: Flist-locked/NSFW

The End of a Week (July 14, 2008) 

A Change of Scenery (October, 15, 2008)

It's Christmas Time In The City (December 13, 2008) Note: Flist-locked @ [ profile] iris_angel 's LJ

Bathing Brutæ (January 10, 2009) Note: Flist-locked/NSFW @ [ profile] iris_angel 's LJ

Dream A Little Dream
(January 12, 2009) Note: Flist-locked/NSFW @ [ profile] iris_angel 's LJ
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Let's see if I can't make this clear as mud. *laughs* In short, Quinn's timeline is being split into to verses: one past & one present. The time she spent with the Doctor is still part of her canon, but since it's being played out at the same time as her present!verse, I felt there should be a distinction drawn between the two eras to try and eliminate any confusion.

  • Companion to [info]ninth_doc
  • 1630 – 1630 Earth-time: TBD TARDIS-time
  • Occurs as a result of her rescue from Cardinal Richelieu
  • After she spends [decades? centuries?] with the Doctor, she returns to her original era and continues on the timeline already established
  • Non-binding on any other/future Doctor incarnations/versions/regenerations (If he still remembers her, that's great! At this point, she assumes he doesn't. No hard feelings.)
All past!verse posts will be marked/tagged appropriately. Present!verse posts will not be marked simply because there's too damn many of them. Questions/feedback/con-crit are always welcome!
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Not to be a lemming, but this has been on my mind for at least the past week or more, pretty much since she and Methos hooked up. Their interactions have really shed a light on how she feels about sex and love.

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Having been a battlefield hospital nurse during the Civil War, Freyja (then Maggie Rhodes) decides to head West like a lot of people during those years. She never had a set destination in mind, only that she wanted to forget the bloodshed and death of war. Upon reaching the Colorado Territory, she ends up in Manitou Springs. There, she befriends a local tribe of Cheyenne and "goes native" for a few years (3-5), until the Cheyenne are relocated to a reservation.

During her time with the Cheyenne, she makes friends with Falling Water. She reveres him as a mentor, spirit guide and friend. He, in turn, is intrigued by the red-haired, blue-eyed, man-hearted woman. It is unclear whether or not they were lovers. She was given the name "Fire Dancing" after he saw her practicing Thai Chi.

After Falling Water's death from a fatal gunshot wound he received during a skirmish with the local militia, Freyja wanders around the West as a gunfighter and sometime gambler under the alias of Kate Darcy (named for Shakespeare's Kate and Austen's Mr. Darcy). She also acts as a liaison between local governments and various tribes, hoping to smooth over some of the negotiations for the tribes to move to reservations. She quickly becomes disenfranchised with the "benevolent patronage" of the US Government in its pursuit of its "manifest destiny."

In the fourteen years she is "out West," Freyja drifts from the Dakotas to Arizona. It's very likely she crossed paths with some notables as Wild Bill, the Earps, Doc Holliday, Butch & Sundance, as well as Billy Bonney. Whether she formed any friendships with said outlaws/lawmen and/or any other Immortals is open for discussion.

In the spring of 1880, Freyja decides to leave the dry, dusty, lawless West and all its turmoil for a more genteel city: Paris. She often retreats to France whenever she feels the need for culture, art, and pampering. There, she reinvents herself as a wealthy widow and patroness of the arts: Madame Jacqueline Valmont. It is also there that she befriends a young ballerina and a mysterious masked composer.
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In her present-day alias of Quinnleigh Kincaid, Freyja is in a very retrospective part of her life. She's completely alone for the first time in nearly thirty years. She's bitter about having to change her life over and over again just to evade the ever-present questions. She's tired of people coming after her head. She's cranky about always having to watch her back. She hates not having anyone (male) who a) stands up to her, b) knows her for who & what she is, and c) loves her anyway.

Freyja hasn't told me everything about her past. My brain would've exploded a long time ago if she had, but what she has told me is that she doesn't half-ass her past lives. When she changes personas, she changes them whole hog. Some Immortals might consider their aliases to be only skin deep, but not her. She becomes the persona she creates.

In her last life, Elaine was one-hundred-percent American from the tips of her boots to the top of her head. She could rope, ride, and wrangle circles around darn near any rodeo cowboy, and her husband, Wade, didn't have a clue she was more than what she seemed. It was a secret she hated keeping because he loved her, and deserved to know everything. After nearly thirty years of a happy, loving marriage,Freyja had to give it up because people were beginning to compliment her on her youthful appearance and were dying to know her beauty secret.

In this life as Quinn, she's as Scottish as they get. She drinks, swears, has "square goes" and loves history with a passion. She was drawn to Orkney for the ruins at Skara Bræ and it was also where she spent a few years after Arthur's death. In her guise as an archaeologist, she's often faced with the past, and has come to realize exactly how long she's lived. It's rather depressing.

Though she's been mad at the deities of her Norse upbringing, she can't help but wonder if there's some reason she's still alive, some lesson she hasn't learned. Speaking of grudges, there is, of course, the rather nasty one she has against the Romans. So, let's just flog that dead horse, shall we?

In her guise as Boudica, she equated the Romans with the marauders who invaded her village. The Romans beat her and raped her daughters the same as the marauders gang raped her and slashed her throat. While she never had revenge on the men who actually victimized her, she had her vengeance against Rome, and lost. Like most women, she hates to be wrong. Though she doesn't want to admit it, she understands that it's pointless to carry a grudge for so long. And it's not necessarily Rome that's she's mad at, but herself. Watling Street was very much akin to Thermopylae: the Romans had a smaller force but much better trained, and they chose the terrain that would effectively bottleneck her army. Had she won the battle, Nero might have pulled out of Britain altogether. Knowing that she was so close to absolute victory still irritates her to no end.

Lately, I've really tried to get her to see past her grudges. Although there are a few Roman!muses out there who still prove her point, there are some exceptions to the rule. At the end of the day, they're really no different from anyone else she's come across (deities excluded). But a nearly two-thousand-year-old bias isn't going to go away overnight.

I'm also trying to figure out more ways to bring out her fun side. She enjoys interacting with her "knockabouts" [ profile] im_gavin_elliot & [ profile] sorta_like_711, though she doesn't see them that often. I've made mention of her dog, Brutæ, using her remotes as chew toys. But I guess I still need to find other "fluffier" fodder for her. Maybe a shopping trip to Paris complete with spa day or something...


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